A word from the CEO

David Proulx: RDR seedsThe challenge this century's farmers face is providing users with quality grains in large quantities, whether destined for milling or processing.

Thanks to the global market, our products are exported around the world.

Since 2000, we have also been very active in the field of organic agriculture. We have developed alliances for exportation to the United States and can export Europe.

I am proud to count on a solid, driven and experienced team. It is with much enthusiasm that RDR Grains and Seeds seeks to enter new markets, both conventional and organic. We also offer multiple options for marketing the grains you so proudly grow.

Over the years, we have developed the expertise needed to meet requests from our customers and maximize the offer from our grain growers. We also acquired experience in added-value grains for our clients, who have requirements not all farmers are able to meet.

The public, governments and customers are demanding increasingly high standards and our team keeps up to date in order to meet these new requirements.

We are turned toward the future to better serve you. RDR Grains and Seeds wants to be a partner in your success!

David Proulx